About the Band

Break Out Day was started in June 2008 by two identical twin brothers, Andrew and Jason under the band name Next Stop Summer. The summer before their sophomore year of high school they wrote and recorded demos throughout July and August. In the summer of 2009, the band was renamed Break Out Day. As Summer and Fall of 2010 rolled around, they already had a show under their belt and were preparing songs to record their first EP. By winter, the first recording of “One For The Ages” was released. Throughout their senior year of high school, they played more shows and developed a following around school. After constantly writing, recording, releasing, and even re-releasing, the songs were ready. The EP is full of songs that are fun, fast, and relatable. The two brothers are known for their quiet, reserved, shy, and laid back personalities, but the EP is anything but quiet and reserved. Before their first semester of college in Fall of 2011, they completed their EP which is appropriately titled: Loud Words From Quiet Kids. March 2012 led to the addition of drummer Zak Levenstein and this has rounded out the line up.